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  • Milwaukee Educational Article of the Month - Do Coyotes Make Good Pets?

Do Coyotes Make Good Pets?

Coyotes are Wild Animals
The straight answer is no. Hopefully, this article will give you an idea why this is the case. There are a growing number of people who think that keeping a wild Milwaukee animal is a good idea. They can appear cute and cuddly when they are young but not so when they have grown to full, mature animals. Their basic instincts will have kicked in by then and they will want to do what most wild animals will want to do. Wisconson coyotes are not particularly comfortable in captivity and may turn aggressive in a blink of an eye. You can't be sure when or how they will react because they haven't been properly domesticated unlike dogs who have been gone through the domestication process for thousands of year by this point.

They are also very vocal and can keep you (and your unsuspecting neighbors) up throughout the night with their growls, yips, howls and barking. You won't be very popular with your neighbors for long because of this.

Coyotes are Potentially Dangerous
Since they are wild animals as we have already mentioned, Wisconson coyotes are therefore potentially dangerous.
They can hurt or kill:
• Other family pets
• Young children
• Livestock

Coyotes are Exotic Animals
In most states in the US, Milwaukee coyotes are considered exotic animals and therefore illegal to keep. There is now a trend of keeping exotic animals as pets because people feel that they are cute and adorable to have or they will impress their friends with them. However, as was mentioned already, coyotes are wild creatures and keeping them in captivity for long periods will cause them undue stress and may end becoming aggressive towards you, your friends, and neighbors. If you do happen to come across an abandoned Wisconson coyote pup, instead of keeping it, take it directly to an animal rescue unit or center so that they can properly take care of the animal and rehabilitate it so that it can be released into the wild where it belongs.

Better Alternative: Live Harmoniously with Them
The better alternative to keeping Milwaukee coyotes as pets is to let them live out in the wild where it belongs. There are ways so that both of you and the coyotes can live harmoniously in one area without bothering one another and enjoying their presence from a good distance.

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