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  • Milwaukee Educational Article of the Month - What are some Ways to Kill a Groundhog in the Yard?

What are some Ways to Kill a Groundhog in the Yard?

You will find nothing worse than a large mound of dirt in the middle of the yard heralding the presence of a big rodent known as Milwaukee groundhog or woodchucks. These large rodents are cute and generally people who do not have garden in the house take this creature as an innocent and pleasant looking wild life. But if you have a garden in the home, your opinion will be quite different. These Wisconson animals become nuisance when they start digging which is part of their nature. Moreover they used to create several burrows that are connected with tunnels.

Ways to get rid of groundhog
The Wisconson groundhogs (or better known as woodchucks) are known to be a destructive creature especially for the yards and gardens. They are herbivores and love to eat fruits and vegetables grown in the garden. Moreover they can dig the whole garden overnight if small. So it becomes very important to get rid of this nuisance animal. There are many ways to oust the Milwaukee groundhog from the yard. Some of the ways are humane but some are not so.

Trapping is said to be the most popular way to control or oust the Milwaukee groundhog. Trapping is also done in different ways. There are live traps available in the market to catch the animal without harming it and then relocating it at some other proper place. This is also considered as the most humane method to avoid the animal. Moreover it is known as the cleanest way to get rid of it. Along with live traps you can also choose a lethal snare. This can kill the Wisconson animal at once while taking over the fear of its come back. But you have to face the difficulty of removing the carcass from the snare.

Another easiest way to get rid of the destructive pest for good is to use gas cartridges like Giant Destroyers in order to fumigate the den of Wisconson groundhog. The gasser is ignited and kept in the burrow of groundhog. The fumes of carbon monoxide that are emitted would suffocate and kill the pest.

Shooting is another method to kill Milwaukee groundhogs. The technique is applied usually in rural areas where the number of groundhog is comparatively more. The technique is quite appropriate if you have good aim because groundhog is a slow moving animal and you can target it easily.

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