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  • Milwaukee Educational Article of the Month - What is the Best Material to Exclude Pigeons?

What is the Best Material to Exclude Pigeons?

You might have this huge problem about Milwaukee pigeons lurking in your front yard or your house. First, you need to find out why these birds loiter in your place and not in any other place in the community.

Why Wisconson pigeons loiter near my place
Check on the food sources near your area such as fruit-bearing trees like berries. Pigeons feed on berries and seeds. They are intelligent animals and are able to recognize the place where they can find foods and shelter – thus, they keep on coming back. They might have also built their nest in your house or somewhere very near. If possible, destroy those nests and dispose the eggs or young squabs in it.

Excluding pigeons: One traditional method
If you can’t stand the thought of killing those Milwaukee birds, you can try excluding them and disposing them to the local pest or animal control unit in your area. When excluding pigeons, you need to determine where the pigeons loiter and the time they come. Make sure that the exclusion material or equipment is installed before they come. Put the bait inside the exclusion equipment. The most common baits are seeds, dried berries and small worms. Check on the bait several times each day to see if any Wisconson bird has eaten it.

Best material to exclude pigeons
One of the best and traditional materials used to exclude Milwaukee pigeons is the wire mesh and the chicken wire.

• Wire Mesh. Wire mesh is considered the best material because it is soft and easy to stitch into poles or steel bars. It is also light in weight and anyone can install it at home.
• Chicken Wire. Another material best material to exclude Milwaukee pigeons is the chicken wire. It has larger openings than wire mesh but it a little bit sturdier and durable than the later. It is also easy to assemble and tied into steel bars.
• Metal spikes. Installing metal spikes on roof spaces and window sills is also a good method in excluding Wisconson pigeons. These metals are also considered one of the best materials as it is stronger and can withstand harsh wind. It is also a higher form of pigeon preventing method as it can kill the birds once it hit the tip of the spike.

Excluding Milwaukee pigeons is a serious task you need to attend to. If you can do it yourself, you can make use of several yards of wire mesh, a cutter and nails to keep it in place.

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