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  • Milwaukee Educational Article of the Month - Rat Repellent

Rat Repellent

While rats may look all cute with their twitchy noses and beady little eyes, they are horrible creatures that no one wants in their homes. They bring a horrible variety of disease and pestilence with them, and they are the ultimate in mess makers. They relieve their waste any place that suits them, rip up whatever they find to make a home out of it, and tear holes in walls and flooring that can make your dream home into a house of horrors. They are simply the worst.

If you have not encountered this kind of problem or if you have before and want make sure you don’t again, then maybe you want to take a serious look at rat repellants. These will help to make sure that the rat does not see your Milwaukee home as the ideal location to make as their own home, or at the least they will not be coming around looking for a snack.

What needs to be understood is that very rarely do rats come just for food. If they find a place where they can get the food in Milwaukee they desire they will simply try to stay around that source as much as they can. This is why it is so important to keep them away. To them if they have found food then your home just became their new bed and breakfast.

To keep them away the solution might be as simple as the use of a repellant. These are substances that rats find abhorrent and will not seek to continue onto your property or into your home because they cannot handle or stand the effects of the repellant. If you can tell a rat to stay away from your Milwaukee home it may be the best message you could possibly send.

There are many great commercial rat repellants. These range from sprays to solid and can be used in a variety of ways. Some can be sprayed around your home or around areas of your Wisconsin property, like the garage, shed, garden or fence line. The repellant says “go ahead” to the rats. If this is the option you desire then be aware that you need to spray the repellant on a fairly regular basis, especially after it has rained.

Some repellants come in a solid and the primary way in which they work is by emitting an odor that the rats find repulsive. They will not enter your property because the smell is too pungent for them. You simply put as many blocks as you need in the areas you desire to say “Not here buddy” to the rats and then add new ones as necessary.

While these commercial repellants work very well, you should be aware that there are homemade ones you can make that work nearly as effectively in Wisconsin. There is one major difference between the two. The commercial brands work by keeping the rats from entering the property at all. The homemade ones work by telling them to never return again.

These homemade concoctions work by allowing the rat to either get some of the repellant on their paws or by allowing them to eat something that has the repellant on it. They get flustered by the substance and run away, never to return. They think of your Wisconsin home as a very unwelcome place to visit, and you become quite satisfied with that reputation.

If you desire that they eat something and learn a terrible lesson, then the base of your repellant either needs to be tabasco sauce or castor oil, or both. When the rat eats this it causes their mouth to burn and they get sick and run. Then when they smell the tabasco sauce in the future they will associate it with the first instance they encountered, and they will avoid your Milwaukee property like the plague. The castor oil works much in the same way. You will find that this can be an incredibly effective way to keep the rats away.

There is also the option of causing them to step into something that will burn their little paws and make them run away. This works by them stepping into your homemade mixture. The feel eventually causes there paws to burn and feel quite uncomfortable to the point that they head back from where they came from.

One of the best substances to use if bleach. Bleach has a burning feeling to it, even to humans. Boric acid, a common household cleaner, is another one that can work quite well. All you want to do is either pour some diluted bleach or the powder form of the boric acid in areas where you are concerned that rats will try to enter your home or get onto your property. Once they step on the substance they will know they will have made a mistake and in no time they will be running. You will need to add the substance of choice on a regular basis.

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