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  • Milwaukee Educational Article of the Month - Squirrel Prevention Tips: How to Keep Squirrels Away

Squirrel Prevention Tips: How to Keep Squirrels Away

If you live anywhere where there are trees you can be sure that squirrels are around you somewhere. These cute little critters make their way out each year after the long winter and begin their annual ritual of storing up nuts, seeds and other food stuffs in preparation for the upcoming Wisconsin winter. Sometimes the snow can be off the ground for just a few days when they are already preparing for the next winter. They are amazing animals in terms of their preparation.

The problem with these little varmints is that a tree stump or hole in the ground is not the only place where they may choose to build a home in Wisconsin. They may decide that your attic, garage or shed make a perfect location to put up a shingle and invite their family to make themselves comfortable. They may also find that breaking into your Wisconsin shed or garage is the perfect place to find resources they need to build their homes, or that your garden, dog food, or bird feeder would make a perfect source of food. Before you know it these little beasts can become an absolute nightmare that you simply can’t get rid of.

Because there are usually so many of them in an area they make it very difficult to get rid of them. You may scare off one, but they are like mice in that if you see one there are probably twenty more out there somewhere. That is a very depressing thought, but it is true. If you are looking to get these little critters away from your Milwaukee home here are some tips for you that should surely help.

Let’s begin with something that is very important to understand. Squirrels are rodents, which means that they love to chew on things. If you do not supply them with a source of wood to chew on they will move to the next home or next space where they can find what they are looking for. That is exactly what you want to have happen. To stop this the best thing you can do is to take some hot sauce or jalapeno juice and, using a paint brush, spread the sauce over all the wood fencing around your home. The more surfaces you can put it on the better. When this gets on the squirrels’ tongues they will be gagging and runaway. Because rain can wash away the sauce, you will need to apply liberally at regular intervals. Just so you know this will not attract other animals, except maybe Spanish fleas – just kidding.

You may have a bird feeder to take care of the local birds that inhabit your Milwaukee neighborhood, and that is a very noble thing to do but, unfortunately, squirrels like these feeders as well. This may mean that you need to take down the feeder unless you can find a place to hang it that is not easily accessible to the squirrel to get to. Just so you know, I have seen squirrels dangle from the roof so they could reach a bird feeder. They are persistent so be aware that you are up against a creative foe.

If you have holes in your siding or in the wood to your shed you will need to seal these things. The problem that many have is that they choose wood to fix these holes. Hello! These are rodents that chew wood. You must choose something that is difficult to chew through, like metal. Also ensure that the seals you put on are solid, and that you choose metal nails or screws to hold the piece in place.

There are commercial squirrel repellants you can buy and set around your home. I will be honest that they work, but only on a limited basis. Consider that if you put squirrel repellant on the ground around your Wisconsin home that squirrels do not always get around on the ground. They climb through trees and can totally avoid the repellant all together. In addition, a little rain and the repellant is virtually useless.

Your best solution is to limit how much accessibility you give them. Squirrels love to enter fire places, which means you need to put a screen on the fire place to keep them out. Holes in your shed or cracks between the doors is an open invitation. Make sure things close securely. An open window in your Milwaukee garage says “Come on in” to a squirrel. A crack in the siding into your attic tells a squirrel that you opened a new doorway for him or her. You simply have to be diligent about making sure that your home is secure. Think of a squirrel as the ultimate bank robber. If you slack on your security in any location you are about to be robbed of your peace of mind.

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