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  • Milwaukee Educational Article of the Month - How to Repair Different Types of Wildlife Damage and Entry Holes

How to Repair Different Types of Wildlife Damage and Entry Holes

No matter where you live there is a great likelihood that wild animals will attempt to find a way into your home. Raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, birds and possums are just a few of the animals that love to make their way into people’s Wisconsin homes. The problem is that they are not very courteous guests. They not only tear holes in walls and siding in their attempt to get in, but they also make messes and leave their waste wherever they go. Because they animals often carry disease, the waste they leave behind is a serious danger to you, your family and your Milwaukee home.

If you have had your home damaged by wildlife, here are some things you can do to fix your home. We have also included a few tips on how to repair the entry holes that they have made. The first thing to understand is that different animals leave different kinds of damage. Wisconsin Moles and chipmunks like to dig, and so they are more likely to cause damage to the foundation of your Milwaukee home, or to the yard itself. In fact, chipmunks do so much burrowing, that they can literally cause your driveway or garage to sink from the massive amount of tunnels they will build under your home.

Birds, on the other hand, like to peck and work on areas where boards have gaps. They will force those areas open and soon find themselves inside your attic or the walls of your home. There they build nests, lay eggs, and leave their waste, which can be a real health hazard.

Raccoons often have rabies, which means that they are not only dangerous in the waste they leave, but a bite from a raccoon can give you rabies as well. Plus, you leave your pets susceptible to the dangers of the disease as well.

If you have suffered damage to your home because of these animals you know that the cleanup and repair can be a nightmare. They often leave terrible waste behind, and the holes and debris can be expensive to repair. If you are facing this problem, here are some tips for you to get your Milwaukee home back in order.

The first thing to understand is that you should not touch anything by hand. A lot of different parasites are left in animal feces and urine, and just by you touching it you can get that parasite on you. This is true of your clothing as well. You want to wear some kind of protective outer garment, like a plastic poncho or something of this nature, to keep the material off of yourself. You also want to make sure that the animal is not present before you begin the cleanup. The last thing you need while trying to remove bird droppings is to have some angry bird come and attack you. It may make for a fun game, but won’t be fun in real life.

If the damage are holes created by chipmunks or gophers, you need to first get rid of the animal. Filling one hole will just mean that they will create another. The easiest way to do this is to fill a bucket about half full with water, and run a board from near their hole to the bucket that has nuts on it. In the bucket pour a layer of nuts in as well. The animal will fall in and not be able to get out, causing it to drown. Yes, we know it sounds cruel, but it is the most effective way to get rid of these vermin.

Once the animal is gone if possible try to pour concrete into the hole. Slowly pour it in so it can seep through the hole until it is filled. If you do not have cement use very loose gravel or mud. This will do the trick as well. You simply want to try to fill up as much of the tunnels they have left as possible. If they have been inside your Milwaukee home, first vacuum up all debris, including feces, debris, nests, and shredding. Again, do not touch with your hands. After you have vacuumed up the mess get a full-strength cleaner and wash the area thoroughly. These will not only clean but also keep these animals away because of the cleaners involved.

Next you will want to ensure they cannot get back in. You need to locate the entryway they have created and use some material that will seal the opening. Understand that simply nailing a board over the hole will likely not work, especially if the animal broke through wood to gain access originally. Try using a metal plate and some kind of strong sealer like caulk or super glue. These should do the trick to keep the entryway closed.

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